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2016 Atlantic Symposium

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On April 22nd, 2016 LDANB-TAANB proudly hosted the 2016 Atlantic Symposium on Learning Disabilities. The event was a huge success, selling out every seat. We would like to thank all of our speakers for their contributions to the event. Please check out the pictures below for an inside look.  

The long wait times for students to get psychoeducational assessments are a growing concern in New Brunswick and across Canada. For more information, please visit the following two sites:

  Barton Reading and Spelling System LDANB-TAANB is proud to be offering a new literacy program called the Barton Reading and Spelling System. This program aims to improve the reading, writing and spelling skills of school-aged children and adults alike who have low literacy levels due to reading difficulties or reading disabilities. Barton literacy is a

Employment Opportunity Education Officer ________________________________ Applications have been closed!Thank you!

Symposium Outline

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Symposium outline

October – LD Awareness Month

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October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month